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It’s Our mission to eliminate the friction in the legacy planning process by maximizing value, while keeping things simple for our clients.  We consult on ways to build on your vision and we’re dedicated to add value through effective strategy without sacrificing convenience.  


For centuries insurance agents and brokers were trained to “sell” insurance.  We don’t like selling and if you’re like us, you don’t like salespeople. We take a more effective approach to helping families.  


We provide a free consultation designed to identify any inefficiencies in your current plan.

We help you identify whether to build on your plan.

We answer all of your questions regarding solutions.

Design a range of cost-effective options.

You receive everything you need to make an informed decision.

That’s it.*

* – If we find a solution that helps you solve a problem, we’ll offer to help. Whether you want our help is 100% up to you. 

Like you, we prefer to have access to all of the options WITHOUT added pressure to buy.  We’ve noticed that when the perfect plan is on the table, your decision-making process becomes pretty simple. 

Welcome to the new age of shopping for insurance.

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"After months of research, price-matching, and talking to agents... This is hands-down the best way to shop for coverage."

- Christian S. (Hapeville, GA)

Old way: Go to your local insurance office (or submit a request online) and wait for an agent to call you to coordinate a meeting to review your insurance options.  

New way: Fill out the survey and you choose to arrange a meeting with a Trusted Advisor or choose to receive a custom video Masterclass of your best strategies/options.

Why? We want help you make an educated decision, by advising you in a way that allows you to process the information.  No obligations or assumptions.

Who? If you’re curious about what Life Insurance strategies make sense for your situation (and budget), we’ll show you a plan tailored to specially to you and your needs.

"The Coach"

"The Marine"

Our Mission to the Unsung Heroes

We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping teachers (and all unsung heroes) restore balance to their financial position.

They’re not getting paid what they’re worth in a career of service and we show them strategies that they can use TODAY that provide the freedom to retire like the heroes they truly are.

Or Take a Shot... Searching on Your Own

Product Selector

Explore a range of products supported by the top 30 insurance carriers.

Ensures that your mortgage payments are always met on time, even in the face of unexpected tragedy.

Provides a depth of coverage that is both flexible and permanent. Tax-deferred benefits, living benefits and protection against the unexpected are all included.

Provides affordable protection, often covering 10-30 years, that provides both long-term clarity and security.

Final Expense

Provides your family peace of mind knowing that funeral or memorial, cremation and burial service expenses will be covered


Disability Insurance

Protects your income in the event of disability. If you or your spouse were injured, and unable to work, what would be your game plan?

Critical Illness Insurance

Protects the funds needed to support you or your loved ones in the event of prolonged illnesses.

Retirement Insurance

Enables you to enjoy the retirement you deserve with a range of financial solutions including annuities and IUL’s.

SmartStart Insurance

Creates a foundation of long-term financial security that can create your family’s legacy and fund your children’s education.


Mortgage Protection Basics

Once you qualify, you pay premiums based on your amount of coverage. If you die while the policy is in force, the insurance company provides funds to pay off your mortgage.

Mortgage protection provides funds to cover an outstanding mortgage balance in the event of your death.

The main benefit is to protect your family in the event you die with an outstanding mortgage balance. This coverage is also easy to purchase, no physical exam is typically required, and rates are generally affordable. Certain policies also offer a return of premium feature, so if you don’t use the benefit, you get your money back.

Yes! Since so many companies offer this coverage, pricing is competitive and therefore affordable.


Most plans are offered with simplified underwriting, so you don’t always have to pass a medical exam to qualify. If you have a pre-existing condition, this can be a less competitive option to qualify for.


If you plan to purchase a home, or you’re already paying a mortgage, you should have this insurance to ensure you’re protected if the unexpected happens.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch with us.


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“It was easy, affordable and understandable. I love that I know my family will have additional coverage.”

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“Jonathan did a great job explaining my options and finding the best plan for me. They were also very caring and concerned for my family’s well-being. Would definitely recommend The Dally Group!”

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