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My name is Jonathan, I am a 36-year-old Life Insurance/Advanced Markets Expert originally from the West Coast (AK, WA, and CA).

In 2013, while playing (American) football in Europe, I met my wife in the comments section of a Facebook post… Of course from the very beginning, I knew she was the one.

Since then we’ve been blessed to raise a house full of creatures: our three children (12, 6, 6), and our five animals (cat, cat, cat, cat, DAWG).

Life has afforded me incredible experiences and priceless moments; nothing holds more valuable to me than my family. A close second is spending time with strangers willing to have a productive conversation about the people they love the most and what they hope they’re remembered by in every possible outcome.

It’s my goal to be so well-communicated that the next time you overhear somebody talk about life insurance, you’re quick to tell them that “you have a guy” who’s an “insurance nerd” who will run through their best possible outcomes with them too.

If ANYONE can benefit from how their current future stacks up to their “ideal” future and what they can do to change or improve their plan.

**Football Fans** Highlight video here ➡️ : QB #2, Caution: loud music

We bought our first home here in VA in 2019 and continue to build on our dreams.

After a successful career as a player and a coach, I have adapted my passion for strategy on the field and refocused my attention on potential obstacles that might prevent clients from establishing a legacy they can be proud of.

conversation is as simple as figuring out what financial vehicles (if any) would make an impact in helping you reach your financial objectives. Let’s find out what you want to accomplish and if it’s possible, I’ll show you how to put the ball in the endzone.

I offer free consulting (over Zoom) to those who are “at capacity” and simply have no extra time to fix their retirement situation on their own.  By asking important questions and explaining appropriate strategies I equip them with information and clarity about their options. Full transparency–what I do (the information part) is easy, and what your do (the deciding part) is where the impact is the greatest.

One thing that’s true in every locker room: to effectively lead a team you must first earn their respect, then prove you’re worth trusting, then remain true to the vision–with your heart on your sleeve.

I’m beginning with the “heart on the sleeve” part…

I look forward to learning a little about you. 

Best Regards,

Jonathan Dally

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