The Dally Group

Getting to Know the Team

Jonathan Dally | “Coach Dally”


Jonathan Dally is a former professional American football quarterback. A dual-threat, Dally played college football at Cal Poly and later was the co-MVP for both the 2014 and 2015 Italian bowl championship games in the Italian Football League (IFL). 

As a former teacher/coach, I come across a lot of clients that are uncomfortable with how their current plan.  

A quick intro into my focus…


Kenneth is a Marine. He recently relocated his family from Austin, TX “back home” to West Virginia (Pittsburgh-adjacent).  A Steelers fan with above average deductive reasoning; you can bet the farm that he’s going to deliver your options as clear as day and straight-to-the-point.

“I have a no-nonsense approach to the coverage conversation. With decades of experience, his proficiencies are to recognize your needs and deliver with intense accuracy.

A quick intro into my focus…”

Kenneth Kuhn | “The Marine”

Naomi Mann | “The Go-Getter”


Naomi has spent her entire professional career finding efficient solutions to complex problems.  While she operates her business out of South-Carolina, she’s willing to go the distance to find the best possible answers/options specific to your needs.

“I am a problem solver and I thrive in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  I love working with an ambitious client that has an open-mind for creative solutions. Let’s find what you’re looking for first–and decide if we need to adapt from there.

A quick intro into my focus…